At 8,990,000% Gains, Bitcoin Dwarfs All Other Investments This Decade

Bitcoin profitable 89% of its lifetime

Bitcoin (BTC) has beaten gold in terms of returns by such a large amount this decade that investors have firmly dismissed recent price declines.

Data from monitoring resource Blockchain shows that since 2010, Bitcoin has delivered profits of almost 9 million percent.

Bitcoin profitable 89% of its lifetime

Put differently, $1 invested in BTC ten years ago was worth around $90,000 as of Dec. 18. By comparison, $1 of gold is now worth $1.34.

Bitcoin average market price 2009-2019

Bitcoin average market price 2009-2019. Source: Blockchain

Visibly buoyed by Bitcoin’s performance, Barry Silbert, CEO of cryptocurrency investment conglomerate Digital Currency Group, deployed the popular Twitter hashtag #dropgold, with his post subsequently receiving over 1,600 retweets.

The statistics underscore Bitcoin as a winning investment for the vast majority of existence. As information portal 99 Bitcoins confirmed on Thursday, since 2009, Bitcoin has only been unprofitable to buy on 434 days — at price peaks.

This equates to 89.16% profitability, allowing BTC to put pay to gold’s record despite the precious metal’s own recent advances in U.S. dollar terms.

Year-on-year, Bitcoin returns have been similarly impressive. At current price levels around $7,150, Bitcoin investors made 85% profits versus December 2018.

With 2017 as an exception, they remain in the green every year since the beginning.