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About Cryptoblood

“Cryptocurrencies run through my blood”, that’s my motto and partially the reason for my name since I discovered Bitcoin in late 2012. In June of 2014 I created the name Cryptoblood and the rest has been history!

Since discovering this space, I’ve been entrenched within this space and have seen the amazing growth to present day. Now more than ever am I so excited about Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. In the recent years with the creation of Ethereum and tokens, the space has evolved to an even more powerful network and this is only the beginning.

I have a technical background in Computer Science with a concentration in Software Engineering however my passion and day time job over the past 10 years has been marketing/branding and web development. I am also a former FX/Futures trader co-founding a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) company in 2006. Finance has always been a passion of mines and it only makes sense why I am so excited about Cryptocurrencies; it brings both worlds of Computer Science and Finance together with the possibilities of self-sovereign money for all!

The future is big within this space of Cryptography and Cryptocurrencies and Universe-willing, I will be along for the ride!

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